6 steps to a perfect glasses


Selection of spectacle frames

It’s been a long time since the first glasses seen the light of the world. Just a little bit before anyone saw the beauty of the world through the first glasses. Since then, a glance at a meeting of two people is not only the eyes but also the spectacle. The first ten seconds. Only then evaluate clothes and shoes.
And that’s not enough…

Each of below listed brands are a concept in fashion, tradition, design, materials and innovation. We are honoured to work with them.

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Eye Test

All our optometrists are certified by the Ministry of Health. Their more than twenty year professional experience and continuous education is among the absolute top of Czech Optometry. As a healthcare provider we absolutely stand for values ​​measured in our medical facility.

  • Objective Eye Test is done by Autorefractor (measures dpt automatically). The result is tentative and can not be used for the glasses.
  • Subjective Eye Test is dioptric adjustment according to feeling of the client to achieve his comfort. Optimization provides the correct depth of sharpness and natural color perception of resulting image.
  • Diagnosis of binocular vision. In many cases rays of light don’t reach the eye in the right place. Extra ocular muscles makes the correction unnatural. It compounds estimations of distances, the reaction rate and thus the total concentration of the organism.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

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Lenses Recommendation

We can design and order a spectacle lens from all major manufacturers on the planet, whether of silicate (glass) or organic plastic. You can buy with us all kinds of lenses:

  • Higher refractive index spectacle lens

    is thinner and lighter. This significantly improves the aesthetic appearance of your glasses.

  • Progressive lenses

  • Working lenses

    They are adapted sharp near vision and working distance (computer monitor, the client on the other side of the table)

  • Sunglasses with diopters

    Do sunglasses can grind lenses of different colors with UV filter and your diopters. This eliminates the problem is that under the beautiful sun glasses you need to wear contact lenses because they can not see through them.

  • Photochromics

    lenses are clear indoors and at night. Once outdoors, they adapt spontaneously to varying light conditions so you can enjoy.

  • Polarization

    Prevent unwanted flashes of reflected light (water level, wet roads, snow surface)

  • Sports Sunglasses

    The special lenses with your diopters, corresponding filters and colors. These lenses will have the same characteristics as the original.

All lenses are provided with

  • Antireflective coating

    prevents unwanted reflections of light and lets more light into the eye

  • UV filter

    protects the eyes against the harmful effects of solar radiation

  • Scratch resistence coating

    protects lenses from scratches

  • Water repellence coating

    adjusted to cling water and dirt, easier to clean

Upon request we provide lenses

  • Blue control layer

    filters out unwanted wavelengths of blue light emitting screens of computers, tablets and phones. Regulates sleep and rest of the body.

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Lens Centration

Only when eyeglasses and eye fiction altogether we will achieve a perfect and sharp vision in all directions. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately determine the parameters for perfect lensfit into frames.

  • Pupil distance from the bridge of the nose, we could optical centre of the lenses placed exactly at this point

    For correct lens mounting in front of your eyes we measure pupil distance.

  • The distance of the Cornea from the rear surface of the lens

    changing this distance varies dioptres in glasses and the position of the optical centre of lenses

  • Curve of the frame

    determines the selection of lenses, especially with a lot of curved sports eyewear

  • Inclination

    The angle between spectacle lens and face

All these parameters are measured digitally using the unique device visuReal and adjusted by the computer program. We also acquire the necessary data by a iPad special application.

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Manual manufacture of glasses

Specialist who provides this job is highly professional and has more than twenty years of optical experience.

Nidek superior instrument is programmed in the following steps

  • Scanning the frame shape to the device
  • Precise input parameters of the lens and its establishment in frame
  • we calculate the best lens fitting to the frame

Next steps followed already in hand only/p>

  • Hand correction of machine inaccuracies
  • Grinding protective veneer edges lenses
  • Completion lenses and frames in one
  • Basic anatomic frame modification

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How to adjust finished eyeglasses to a facial anatomy

More than 60 % of the problems with a good vision is caused by the spectacles which fit poorly on the face and optical centres of the lens are not in the optimal position related to the pupil of the eye.

On the bridge of the nose, ears, and in the temporal area of ​​the head there are many cartilage, muscles and nerve endings. Undue pressure on the saddle nose, temples and terminals on the head and the ear often causes headaches and fatigue.

The final adjustment of glasses anatomy of the client head is a very important step to an overall positive impression and comfort of the new glasses.

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Contact lenses

If our optometrist will evaluate that contact lenses are suitable for you, he will propose their parameters and performs application including job training and follow-up in our application centre. For contact lens care also recommends a suitable solution.

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